To Whom It May Concern:
It is with a great deal of pleasure I write this unsolicited Testimonial regarding my experiences with coat. Cube leather made me by my first almost custom made coat for my Chiropractic College Graduation in 20140. And, for the past year or so they have been making virtually all my coats...I would like to say that I can without reservation say that I would highly recommend services and coat to anyone. Sincerely, Dr. Jolene Simmons

Great Customer Service
I ordered the item coat from you, paid for it then I received a call from a member of your staff to say that the coat were out of stock He went great lengths to help me as I needed it for Saturday. To cut a long story short I received a special delivery this morning ( Thursday) of a similar coat I am writing to thank your staff for the excellent Customer service ( I am afraid I did not ask the mans name but if you can trace the order of this coat please thank him for his help Thank You .

I drove up from work this morning having been impressed by your web site. Your company is a godsend as i cannot get such coat locally. i normally do anything to avoid shopping as i detest queueing, waiting for staff to become available and then finding they know nothing about the products especially coat. they are selling and their inattentiveness and reluctance to search stock for your size. none of that here! polite, helpful, attentive and courteous staff. nothing was a problem for your younger sales assistant. several times he fetched me different coat in different sizes and colours, offered advice, showed me different options.
Sandy York

You Deserve The Praise
Hello, this is not something I usually bother doing but just wanted to send a note to say thank you for a great service and the excellent coat. I have been a customer for some time whilst I lived in the UK, now I live in Hong Kong and I am still receiving great service while providing the coat. I am amazed at how fast you deliver, I have just received a delivery of coat and it took 3 days! So, thank you for your help, I will certainly come back to you in the future for another coat and have no hesitation in recommending your company. Nice to know some companies still care about their customers.