Fur Coats

It Is A Great Investment
I recently purchased a fur coat from you folks as a start to my military Coats collection. The low price and unusual choice of leather (no goat or horse) led me to think that it would be inferior to other more expensive fur coat on the market. I'm here to tell you that I couldn't have been more wrong. The fur coat was everything you advertised and more. While it doesn't have the level of detail of a $1,000 dollar fur coat it certainly gets more 'right' than it does wrong. The Coat is a beauty and would pass muster anywhere. I served in the Regular Army, in the Combat Engineers, but for years I wanted a historically accurate fur coat, and your product was/is a great start. A marvelous product with excellent fit and finish. Yours...
David Macks

Just A Word About Your Website
I am a client of Cube Leather (I own, and wear, 4 of your fur coat). I check your website daily. It is the best conceived website I ever saw. Very well illustrated, extremely user-friendly, and really informative. I've purchased fur coat from you over the years and have never been more pleased with a product in my life. I've referred many people to your fur coat. This is a better place with people like you who have served our country. I'm honored and will be purchasing another fur coat again soon. Congratulations to the person(s) responsible.
Michel Arteau

I Am Very Satisfied
My Name is Erik Billing. I live in Windsor Ontario Canada. I have so far ordered 3 fur coat from Cube Leather and I am delighted with them... Everyone commented on what a beautiful fur coat it is and where did you get it. I immediately said Cube Leather!!!!!! Cube leather, did you ever think of doing the Canadian Airshow Circuit with a small trailer and a van? There is a good market for fur coat and related items at airshows over here... worth a thought. It could greatly enhance your sales of fur coat I can tell you that. Best Wishes,
Erik Billing

So Refreshing
Just received my fur coat and am very pleased with the quality and workmanship. I have been looking at this fur coat for some time and was very happy to find one at this price. Keep up the good work.It is so refreshing to see a company like cubeleather that: 1. Demonstrates that Americans can still produce and market clothing products like the fur coat of the highest quality. 2. Provides the highest levels of service to their customers. 3. Thanks veterans for their sacrifices for freedom by providing special pricing and more for fur coat.
Bob Fowler