Mens Coats

Impressed With The Service
I want you to tell you how continually impressed I am by men's coats. Of course your shipping and website are wonderful- but it truly is your customer service that makes me a loyal customer. I have been on a quest to find the perfect men's coats and finally found men's coats that I liked. Your Customer rep gave me the cheerful, competent and clever customer service that is a hallmark of your amazing company. When I exclaimed at one point, 'I love Cubeleather' she said, 'We love you too.' She was very sweet and cute as is everyone I have come in contact with at your company. I even love your e-mail responses. I have never felt loyalty to a company as I do to you. I will continue to use you and recommend you to everyone. Keep up the amazing job!!
Jordan B.

How I love thee, counteth the ways...and I don't know the rest of the poem, but my, OH my, how I do. I must admit you somehow got DELETED from my favourites, and slipped my mind over so many months, but when clearing through e-mails and finding my account information, it all come RUSHING back to me and I FELL IN LOVE ALL OVER AGAIN. Fantabulous men's coats, great prices, and you ship over here to good all blightly, at NO SET RATE-WHAT MORE COULD I ASK FOR?!! Well, a unicorn, perhaps, but otherwise... OH, pretty pretty please, bring in a really NIFTY pair of a brown men's coats? They're so darn splendid.

I Am In Love
Ever since I found you guys, I feel in love. I'm so glad to finally find men's coats that are stylish and fit so well! And you're sooooo right about not being able to get similar men's coats in stores! Even though I live in NYC, in a spot where fashion is really popular, I still get compliments all the time. What I love most is no one knows where I get my clothing from! Sorry guys, but I'm not sharing my secret with my friends :)

Great Shopping Experience
Over the years, when asked why I shop at Cubeleather for men's coats, I tell people it's because they make my shopping experience fun and easy. They not only knows my taste, but also recommend fashions that fit my body and comfort zone. They even makes a point of calling me when coming across new styles of men's coats, or finding the perfect special occasion piece in-store. As I get older, I avoid the hassle of shopping at department stores and head to men's coats --where I appreciate their personal attention and their large selection of high quality, stylish clothing. I feel so fortunate having Cubeleather near my home...they are an asset to our city.
Erik Hammes