Womens Coats

Phenomenal Shop
HI there! You guys have been phenomenal about everything, you have been so professional and timely with communication etc. I can tell you right now i WILL be ordering from your awesome collection of women's coats pretty soon again. You are really a class act! Thanks again for the immediate attention to detail and great customer service. I have done 26 years of retail and its so rare but you at Cube Leather have it right! P.s I am going to buy the women's coats you guys have on display, just don't have the money right now. Thanks again!

You Run An AWESOME Site!
Your layout is great, your service is great, your products especially the women's coats are amazing. On top of that, the way you personalize everything is really appreciated. In the times of high-speed service and automated everything, it's really great to see something that I know was packaged by hand. Something that has been cared for by a real human being! Keep up the great work and give Cube Leather and reserve the blue women's coats , because I am definitely going to buy it next week when my pay comes!

Quick Service
I recieved the women's coats after 3 days of buying it, great shipping! very fast, The Fashion Coat arrived safe and sound, and its perfect, i couldnt have asked for anything better!!! its exactly what i wanted and they did a really good job customizing it, I highly reccomend Cubeleather!!! I am getting 2 more women's coats in this same style as well and am thinking of getting my women's coats made by them as well! p.s the colour i chose was the red they have on the colour chart, pretty much the same colour. Thanks so much for the great job!!!'

I Will Come Back For More
I am 6 foot 4 and have broad shoulders. Finding nice women's coats that fit me has been frustrating. I did a search on the Internet and luckily found you guys. I was a little skeptical at first to order a women's coats online but you guys changed my opinion after I received the two women's coats I had ordered. They look amazing, quality is excellent, service was fast and friendly, and most importantly they fit me! I will definitely come back for more
Chris G.